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Get Social Security Disability Guidance Today

Last updated on November 16, 2023

Social Security Disability is a program that pays monthly benefits to those who have become disabled before reaching retirement age. The process of applying and getting your benefits can be complicated. Luckily, Quarnstrom & Doering, P.A., can assist you through the entire process to ensure you receive proper compensation for your situation.

Covering All Aspects Of Social Security Disability

Our firm’s attorney who is focused on Social Security Disability insurance, Dennis Simpson, understands the many small details of the application and reconsideration process. We can provide hands-on help with any issues you face, including:

  • SSDI/SSI disability benefit applications
  • Applications for minors
  • Overpayment issues
  • Payback issues
  • Administrative law judge hearings
  • Reconsideration appeals

Perhaps you are nervous about appearing before a judge. Or maybe you need to know how to obtain benefits for a juvenile in your care. Sit down with our caring attorney to learn how our firm can serve you.

Is your disability the result of an accident that was not your fault? We can give you help with your personal injury claim.

Receive The Benefits You Deserve

You do not have to face the daunting Social Security system alone. Contact us today for additional details or to schedule a consultation with Attorney Simpson. To reach us, please call 507-461-8013 or send us an email. We serve clients throughout Southwest Minnesota.